In state, there are 11 politicians who served as a chief minister of Tamil Nadu, among them M. Karunanidhi & J. Jayalalithaa has served 5 times. The current chief minister is O. Panneerselvam, he took oath on Dec 5, 2016 due to sad demise of J. Jayalalithaa, she was one of the most beloved CM of Tamil Nadu by the people.

The complete list of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu consists of the heads of government in the history of the state of Tamil Nadu in India since 1920. The area under the present-day state of Tamil Nadu has been part of different territorial configurations under Madras Presidency and Madras State in its history

Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu

Serial NumberNameFromTo
1P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja26. Jan. 19509. Apr. 1952
2C. Rajagopalachari10. Apr. 195213. Apr. 1954
3K. Kamaraj13. Apr. 195431. Mar. 1957
K. Kamaraj13. Apr. 19571. Mar. 1962
K. Kamaraj15. Mar. 19622. Oct. 1963
4M. Bakthavatsalam2. Oct. 19636. Mar. 1967
5C. N. Annadurai6. Mar. 196714. Jan. 1969
C. N. Annadurai14. Jan. 19693. Feb. 1969
6V.R. Nedunchezhiyan (acting)3. Feb. 196910. Feb. 1969
7M. Karunanidhi10. Feb. 19694. Jan. 1971
M. Karunanidhi15. Mar. 197131. Jan. 1976
President’s rule31. Jan. 197630. Jun. 1977
8M. G. Ramachandran30. Jun. 197717. Feb. 1980
President’s rule17. Feb. 19809. Jun. 1980
M. G. Ramachandran9. Jun. 198015. Nov. 1984
M. G. Ramachandran10. Feb. 198524. Dec. 1987
V.R. Nedunchezhiyan (acting)24. Dec. 19877. Jan. 1988
9Janaki Ramachandran7. Jan. 198830. Jan. 1988
President’s rule30. Jan. 198827. Jan. 1989
M. Karunanidhi27. Jan. 198930. Jan. 1991
President’s rule30. Jan. 199124. Jun. 1991
10J. Jayalalithaa24. Jun. 199112. May. 1996
M. Karunanidhi13. May. 199613. May. 2001
J. Jayalalithaa14. May. 200121. Sep. 2001
11O. Panneerselvam21. Sep. 20011. Mar. 2002
J. Jayalalithaa2. Mar. 200212. May. 2006
M. Karunanidhi13. May. 200615. May. 2011
J. Jayalalithaa16. May. 2011
O Panneerselvam29th Sep 2014May 23, 2015
J. JayalalithaaMay 23, 2015Dec 5, 2016
O. PanneerselvamDec 5, 2016Present


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First Woman Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Janaki Ramachandran is the First Woman Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who held office for the shortest period of 24 days from 7 January 1988 to 30 January 1988.Ms. Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister being 2nd female CM of tamilnadu, however she was the most famous politician and cmof tamilnaddu. She is called as AMMA with love.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha History

List of Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu From 1950-Till Date In PDFJayalalithaa Jayaram, an Indian actress-turned-politician, was a six-time chief minister of Tamil Nadu. She was also the General Secretary of AIADMK party. She sworn-in as the chief minister for a record sixth term on 23 May 2016. Jayalalithaa died on December 5, 2016 at the age of 68 years due to a major cardiac arrest in office. She was also the 2nd female CM of Tamil Nadu. Her followers fondly called her as “Amma”, which means mother. Jayalalithaa was a famous South Indian film star before she joined politics. She was elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1984 and served till 1989.

First Governor of Tamilnadu

Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Edward Nye6 May 19467 September 1948

CM of Tamilnadu Now


Tamil Nadu chief minister salary

The lowest paid Chief Minister in the country presently is the Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamta Bannerjee(Leave Tamil Nadu Chief Minister), who draws a monthly salary of Rs 8000 per month, highest paid is Prakash Singh Badal with a monthly salary of Rs 100,000.