Nationalised Banks In India Name List Public Sector Banks

Nationalised Banks In India Name List Public Sector Banks

In India, there are banks in both Private Banks and public banks. The Public banks are the government oriented banks or are called as nationalized banks. Nationalized banks are the ones which are handled more than 50% by the Government. These banks have increased the number of branches in the country which has resulted in increase of savings of public. The people are more knowledgeable now and they can check out the ways of saving their money for future needs. Moreover, economy of India has improved a lot from past times. The nationalized banks have lots of branches in every part of country and so the people don’t face any issue in using these banks.

Following is the list of nationalized bank list in India which contains 22 banks of Government and State Bank associates. There are 5 SBI associate banks along with one main State Bank of India (SBI). SBI has emerged long back and associates were made after many years.

List of Nationalized Banks in India

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