HSSC Staff Nurse MPHW Question paper 15 January 2017 pdf download – hssc.gov.in

HSSC Staff Nurse MPHW Question paper 15 January 2017 pdf download – hssc.gov.in

HSSC Staff Nurse MPHW Question Paper 15/01/2017 pdf download:

HSSC Staff Nurse Previous Papers are available. Download HSSC MPHW Model Papers, Haryana Staff Selection Commission Radiographer Solved Papers @ hssc.gov.in.

HSSC Staff Nurse Syllabus 2016 Pdf is here. Download HSSC MPHW, Radiographer Syllabus. Get Haryana PSC Para Medical Study material, Test Pattern hssc.gov.in

Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) Staff Nurse (GNM) Answer Key of 15th Jan 2017 Exam of Cat. No. 1 of Advt. 01/2015 is available with complete solution of Paper Set A, B, C, D. The exam was held in two shifts in the following centres Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Kurukshetra.
HSSC Staff Nurse MPHW Exam Question Paper & Answer Key code A B C D Dated 15/01/2017 Morning and Evening Session

Click here to download HSSC MPHW Question Paper 15/01/2017 pdf download

We are publishing here some of the answers of questions we obtained from one of the examinees. The rest of the questions are covered in above pdf.

Total no. Of posts – 912
Total no. Of questions – 80
Total no. Of marks – 160
Each question carries 2 marks.
Questions are from – GK, Haryana GK, Reasoning, Maths, English, Hindi.

HSSC Staff Nurse ANM 15th Jan 2017 Exam Answer key

HSSC Staff Nurse MPHW Question paper 15 January 2017 pdf download - hssc.gov.in

Q. Indian player to win sliver medal in badminton in Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer – P.V. Sandhu

Q. Part of plant involved in Translocation ?
Answer – Phloem

Q. HDI stands for …..
Answer – Human Development Index

Q. Which gas gets liberated when acid reacts with metal ?
Answer – H2 ( Hydrogen Gas )

Q. Complete the series –
Answer – 6, 8, 12, 20, 36, 68

Q. What causes Diabetes insipidus ?
Answer – Decreased production, secretion of insulin

Q. Who had set the Feudal League in Haryana ?
Answer – Sir Chhoturam

Q. BILT Football stadium located at …
Answer – Yamuna Nagar

Q. Which Indian state got the Best Horticulture State Award ?
Answer – Haryana

Staff Nurse GNM English Language–

Q. Choose the Antonym of Swell
Answer – Diminish

Q. Synonym of Shallow –
Answer – Superficial

Q. One word substitution of – A Professional Rider in horse races
Answer –  Jockey

Q. Best Alternative –
Answer – The old father suggested the moral of unity by asking each of his sons to break the bundle of sticks.

Q. Fill in the blank –
Answer – Let’s play —-no article—-volleyball.

Q. What is spontaneous abortion ?
Answer – Natural loss of Pregnancy before 20 weeks of gestation

Q. Which districts of Haryana are chief producers of Turmeric ?
Answer – Ambala and Yamuna Nagar

Q. Vande Matram Yojana associated with
Answer – Women

Q. Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary located in the district ..
Answer – Kurukshetra

Q. Sakshi Malik, bronze medal winner of Rio Olympic belongs to the village …
Answer – Mokhra

HSSC Staff Nurse GNM GK Portion

Q. Bhim Devi Temple Complex located at..
Answer – Pinjore

Q. Headquarters of Western Command of Indian Army is located at ….
Answer – Chandi Mandir

Q. Which Division of Haryana has the most districts ?
Answer – Gurgaon

Q. We define Oncotic Pressure as
Answer – Osmotic Pressure caused by plasma colloids in solution

Q. A sprain defined as ….
Answer – excessive stretching of a muscle, its fascial sheeth or a tendon.

Q. Popular Ragini singer of Haryana known as Surya Kavi ?
Answer – Pandit Lakhmi Chand

Q. Match the following –
Answer –
Rakhigarhi – Largest Indus Valley Site
Kunaal -Regal Crown
Banawali – Ploughed Fields

Q. City of Haryana  renamed after Guru Dronacharya ?
Answer – Gurgaon ( Gurugram now)

Q. Home Minster of Haryana ?
Answer – M.L. Khattar

Solution of HSSC Staff Nurse GNM 15th March Exam

Q. On which date did Govt of India launch National Rural Health Mission ( NRHM) ?
Answer – 12th April 2005

Q. In which district of Haryana was famous singer Sonu Nigam born ?
Answer – Faridabad

Q. When a ray of light enters a transparent medium, what change does it undergo ?
Answer – Wavelength and Velocity

Q. Present Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court ?
Answer – Justice Shivax Jal Vazifdar

Q. Famous Humorous poet of Haryana ?
Answer – Mr Surender Sharma

Q. Man Booker Prize Winner of 2016 …
Answer – Paul Beatty

Q. The age of father 10 years ago ….
Answer – 7:3

Q. Kalpna Chawla born in …
Answer – Karnal

Q. India is situated north of the equator ….
Answer – 8 degree 4′ and 37 degree 6′

Q. Cube matching with others …
Answer – A

Q. In a regular week, there are five working days ….
Answer – 175

Q. From where digestion of food starts in human ?
Answer – Mouth

HSSC Staff Nurse Syllabus 2016 | Haryana SSC MPHW Exam Pattern

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